Riding Everest: "The most effective therapy I've had is riding with the RDA"

Max is currently in training to ride to Everest Base Camp on a horse. Here he outlines his plans and explains how the RDA have helped. 

Hi, I'm Max Stainton and in April next year I'm going to be doing something completely bonkers - riding to Everest Base Camp on a Nepalese horse! 

Max regularly rides with the RDA (Pic: Riding Everest) 

Max regularly rides with the RDA (Pic: Riding Everest) 

I've had Cerebral Palsy since I was born, it's basically a condition that affects my movement and muscles. Because of this, I usually use a wheelchair to get around, and I've always got a carer on hand to help me wash, eat, get dressed and all of that every day stuff. 

In terms of therapies for my condition, you name it, I've tried it - but the most effective and consistent therapy I've had throughout my life is horse riding with the RDA.

Without the RDA I wouldn't have the confidence or the ability to challenge myself to do something as huge as this. That's why I'm choosing to support the RDA in building their new national training centre with the money I raise on my trek. 

But this isn't just about money. This is about showing disabled people that they can achieve their dreams, and showing able-bodied people that doing things differently is just as good as doing things the regular way!

I'm going to need lots of support and a whole team of helpers as I trek to Base Camp, but I'm still doing it, and I'm still following my dream!

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