Nina Barbour: "Delilah is a bit grumpy in the stable especially when food is involved!"

How The Other Horse Lives’ is a campaign launched by Brooke, Action for Working Horses and Donkeys and aims to raise awareness of the need of working equines in developing countries by showing what they endure on a daily basis compared to well-kept horses here in the UK. 

Sadly, working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries often suffer in their day to day working lives because their owners don't have access to the skills or resources to properly look after them.

Following the launch of the campaign, Nina Barbour from Bolesworth Estate tells us all about her own horses. 

How many horses do you have?

I have over 40 horses mainly that we have bred as part of our Harthill Stud business, however I have 2 at the moment that are mine and I take to shows.

What are their names?

They are called Calle, and Douglas Delight (Delilah)

How old are they/how long have you had them?
Calle is 17, and I have had him for 3 years, and Delilah is 10 and I've had her for 2 years.

Do they have an interesting back story e.g. are they rescued, did you breed them yourself etc.

Calle actually belongs to Tracy Priest who owned him and produced him to GP level before she leased him to me 3 years ago.

Describe your horse’s personality! Do they have any bad habits? What’s their best personality trait? 

Delilah is a bit grumpy in the stable especially when food is involved, how they both share their best trait which is that they live to go to shows and jump, and get very upset if the lorry goes out and they are left behind.

What does your horse eat in an average day? Do they have any favourite treats?

They are both very good doers and so have limited haylage three times a day and small feeds of Low starch mix twice a day. Delilah is partial to anything sweet including blueberries and even haribo! (Although that is not encouraged!)

Where does your horse live/spend most of their time?

They live at Bolesworth and spend time every day out in the field.

How do you make sure your horse is healthy? E.g. regular farriery, trips to the vet. Do you have any tips on keeping your horse healthy?

We have a great team of Vet, Farrier, physio and dentist who visit the horses regularly and keep on top of all their needs!

Describe your horse’s social life? Do they spend time with other horses or animals? What do they do for fun?

Their favourite pastime is definitely being at shows and winning prizes!

What is your horse likely to spook at and how do you deal with it?

Usually something silly like a bird flying out of a hedge - I ignore it!

What’s your favourite thing about Brooke’s work to help working equines around the world? 

It is nice to know that there is support out there to care for the poor animals that work so hard in harsh climates, and also to educate the people that own them to create a more sustainable happy lifestyle for the animals and people alike.