Graduated and Raring to Go: A quick change of tack

Our blogger Heather and takes her horse Socks across country at Isleham and starts searching for a horse for her Mum...

My lovely Mum who's on the hunt for a horse of her own

My lovely Mum who's on the hunt for a horse of her own

What I didn’t talk about in my last blog was our other big project at the moment: Project Find Mum A Horse.

Mum has decided she wants a horse of her own, but unfortunately, our search hasn't started off well.

We’ve found plenty of 15-15.3hh sensible mares aged between six and 10 that we like, but fate seems to be against us.

First, we found a gorgeous six-year-old bay Irish mare and we were going to have her vetted, but the day before she colicked and had to go to the Royal Veterinary College.

Since we lost our old pony very suddenly to colic, it was all a bit too close to home for Mum.

But soon we found another grey mare, who reminded Mum of our old pony, Lego.

Mum got excited and we even had a stable ready for her but, unfortunately, the mare failed her vetting.

We were hoping Mum might have a horse to take to camp, but sadly it wasn’t to be this year. The right horse will come along eventually though — I'm sure of that.

Our changeable month continued as we found out the week we were meant to go to a one-day event at Isleham, it was cancelled due to lack of entries. 

I quickly rerouted to a hunter trial at Ickworth Park run by the Suffolk Hunt branch of the Pony Club.

Suffolk Hunt Pony Club Hunter Trial, Ickworth Park, 24th June

It was a hot day and my plans to do a little showjumping fell through at the thought of having to put my show jacket on.

I’d walked the course the previous day, and even the fences I looked at and thought “uh-oh, that might not work…”, all had alternatives. So I had no excuse not to get round.

Socks doing her best on the cross-country course at Isleham

Socks doing her best on the cross-country course at Isleham

Sadly, the warm-up wasn’t quite big enough for me to really let Socks open up and expel some energy, so I had to use the first few fences to finish my warm up.

I took two of the alternative fences on my way round, one at a colourful wall at fence six when I wasn’t fully convinced Socks was taking me forward, and the other one at the corner.

The corner was for another day, I thought, and I’d rather have a clear round than risk her losing her confidence on something I knew she wasn't 100% happy with.

And it paid off, because we got our first cross-country clear of the year!

At the time I’d managed to disregard the whole “Pony Club” aspect of the competition and forgot that taking an alternative incurred 15 penalties. Which I didn’t mind, until I looked at the results and saw that I’d got the same time as the winner.

If I’d just been a bit braver maybe...

Regardless, I was so unbelievably chuffed with Socks for going so well.

Until next time guys! 

Stay tuned for Heather's blogs next month...

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