Facing my fear of horses – "I'm actually excited to ride now, like a little child"

Welcome one and all as I continue on my new adventure of learning to ride a horse for the first time ever,  just weeks before my 56th birthday.

OK so, we’re now at lesson four of horse riding. I’m actually excited about it, like a little child, when I know I am coming to Anglesey Riding Cebtre for my next lesson.

I promise you now – you will be sick of looking at my face with the photos about to be seen, I wont be offended if you leave the page!


Just look at that beaming grin!

I love my lessons with my horse riding amigo Bonnie. In this lesson we were joined by the lovely Linda Heyen, who decided to tag along to watch the novices' at work.

To get us (me really) used to be being right next to the horses (don't forget my fear of them now), we took them from the yard and led them into the arena. I felt nervous again once on my horse Derry. He is, to me, enormous – but once I got going I was fine.

Our lessons are very well thought out and Rachel is a brilliant patient teacher. We did our usual walking, then on to the trot, and then gasp – Rachel put down poles on the floor and we had to trot over them!

And that wasn’t the last of it – we went around again and this time we had to go over the poles but be standing upright as the horses went over the poles.

I’m sure we must have looked quite hilarious, there’s so much to think about. I was worn out by the end of the lesson, but it was a very good lesson. So much so that we decided to sign up as members – check me out. I also decided to invest in a new hat and boots – I’m making this into something of a habit, who’d have thought it.

me and Lili cymyran beach 24.02.19.jpg

From being terrified of horses to this…

As a little extra update snippet, I am so proud of myself going from being terrified of horses, to having a lovely moment on the beach recently, enjoying an early morning with my horse Lili.

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