Facing my fear of horses –  "I actually let the instructor take the lead rope off"

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Welcome one and all as I continue on my new adventure of learning to ride a horse for the first time ever,  just weeks before my 56th birthday.

The first lesson was truly terrifying for me – as I expected it to be – but I got through it. I was still as rigid getting off Derry the horse as I was getting on, my very first lesson and I remember it in detail and always will.

Here we go again

Lesson two arrived in a flash, it seemed like the week flew by and here I was again at Anglesey Riding Centre.

Now I don’t know what happened to me, but I became rather excited on arrival – you know the nervous kind of giggle you do.

I was flapping my hands about, excited with fear no doubt, but here we were again back for our next lesson.

My friend Bonnie and I reported to reception to get our hats, and it was suggested to us that we book a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment, and if we didn’t like having the lessons, we could always cancel.

Making a habit of it

Now I was unsure at this point, I didn’t want regular riding lessons I only wanted one or maybe two. But I agreed to the plan anyway, and so now we had a regular Sunday slot at 3pm. In the weeks to follow this became our regular date at Anglesey Riding Centre. 

Along with this regular time slot came our new instructor, Rachel Billington, and little did I know at that time just how important this young lady was to become in my life, this gem of a woman had the patience of a saint, a calm and relaxed manner – but most importantly she had the ability of gaining my trust, she gave me confidence along with Derry the horse and they both taught me to ride.

Now lesson number two was very similar to lesson number one, I sat walking on Derry, just getting my balance, getting to know the horse, and I was amazed because progression had been made already on lesson number two – I actually let the instructor take the lead rope off!

Join me next time to find out how I progressed…

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