Confidence coach: It's snow joke

Confidence coach Sandie is here to explain how to overcome those things that you can't control, including the perils of winter

Snow can get in the way of horsey plans

Snow can get in the way of horsey plans

To say that keeping hooves moving in recent weeks has been as challenge would be somewhat of an understatement.

The 'Beast from the East' has been frustrating for many of my clients. They're preparing for spring and competitions but, after a winter of hard graft and preparation, they found themselves grounded in Siberian-like conditions...

Mental health and equestrianism 

All joking aside, this time of year can be incredibly tough mentally for horse owners and riders alike.

Horse riders will know there can sometimes be many stressful factors involved in keeping horses and it was refreshing to hear Charlotte Dujardin speaking so candidly about her bout of depression recently.

Money, time, fatigue, vets fees, heartache and relationship woes are all things that we take as part and parcel of owning a horse. 

These things are just about bearable when things are going well, but when something goes wrong, be it a pulled shoe on the day of a competition or the lorry not starting, it can easily become the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

When this happens, things can very quickly feel out of our control.

If you start to feel out of your depth, try the following five ways to help you feel calm and take back control: 

  1. Identify what it is that's worrying you.
  2. Write your worries down and scale them from 1-10 on how much they're worrying you. Deal with everything that's higher up the scale and allow yourself time to deal with less important tasks. This creates much-needed space in our minds.
  3. Tell someone how you feel. If you've been keeping a brave face, you'll probably be surprised at how they react as they may not realise you're struggling.
  4. Make sure you move. Whether you walk, run, swim or try some yoga - it releases endorphins and burns off some adrenaline. It'll also give you something else to think about for a few minutes! 
  5. Watch out for caffeine, alcohol and fatigue as these can make anxiety worse. 

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