Why Baileys

In this modern world of multi-national corporations, Baileys remains quite unique in being family owned and run since its inception in 1982. The majority of our staff own, breed, ride and compete, and we know the challenges faced by horse owners. In fact, we care about our products and how they work for our customers and their horses! We also know


What goes into a bucket of Baileys

All the ingredients we use are chosen because we believe they are the best for the horse, many are sourced locally and all are carefully selected for their quality and suitability. This, along with our meticulous production techniques, means that a bag of Baileys really is different. We always stick to consistent recipes which is why we can confidently print a list of ingredients on each bag or tub – rather than a changeable label - and means we won’t just change what’s in a feed because ingredient costs are fluctuating. We are also accredited, which means our production methods and conditions are carefully controlled and conform to EU and UK legislation governing animal feedstuff manufacture. 


Find the right feed for your horse

We have developed an advanced online tool to help you find the right Baileys feed for your horse based on condition, temperament, workload and clinical conditions. It will even suggest how much of each feed should be fed alongside the suggested amount of forage/ fibre.

For more information, contact Baileys on 01371 850 247 or visit www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk




Baileys are passionate about equine health and wellbeing. With the increasing issue of equine obesity, Baileys have produced an interactive Equine Weight Loss Programme booklet, which encourages owners to actively record, track and follow their horses weight. The booklet includes management tips, useful information on clinically linked issues and a support group on Facebook to help with equine weight loss. See the Facebook group here.

Lo-Cal Balancer

Is your horse on restricted grazing, receiving soaked hay or a rationed diet because it holds its weight well? If the answer is yes, then they may well be missing out on vital nutrients as a result of having their food intake restricted. Lo-Cal Balancer is a low calorie, low sugar nutrient dense pellet that provides all the essential vitamins, minerals and quality protein, whilst its low starch content also makes it ideal for those prone to laminitis.  

Ease & Excel

Ease & Excel is a high oil, high fibre blend that contains no cereal flakes. It is ideal for horses needing to gain or maintain condition that require a low starch, low sugar diet, whether as a result of a clinical condition, such as gastric ulcers, or because of an excitable, fizzy temperament. When fed at the recommended levels, Ease & Excel provides a fully balanced ration and includes a bespoke In-Feed Formula, from Protexin, which contains natural antacids, to buffer excess stomach acid, and ingredients to soothe and protect the gut lining. 

Performance Balancer

If your horse holds weight well and is regularly out competing and training it will have increased nutrient requirements. Whilst a traditional competition mix or cube will often provide too many calories, Performance Balancer is a low calorie, nutrient dense pellet formulated for the horse or pony in medium to hard levels of work. It contains quality protein to help promote muscle and top line and Digest Plus prebiotic and the live probiotic yeast, Actisaf, to ensure a healthy gut and fibre digestion. Because it is low in both starch and sugar it is suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers. 


Whether you’re after outstanding coat shine or looking for additional calories without having to significantly increase the volume fed, Outshine high oil supplement is an easy-to-feed, mess free nugget suitable for most horses* being fed a balanced diet. As it is low in starch and provides slow-release energy, its suitable for excitable types or those with clinical issues requiring a low starch, low sugar diet. *Not suitable for obese horses