How can I help my non-horsey partner feel confident around my horse?

Helping your partner to feel a little braver at the yard can be done in a few simple steps. Here, confidence coach Amanda Kirtland-Page explains what you can do to help your partner feel more confident around your horse. 


Bear in mind that if your horses are in any way pushy or excitable, or likely to bite or kick, it’d be safer if your partner can just help you with the jobs in the yard first.

They mustn’t handle your horses, as this would be unsafe and unfair and won’t build confidence.

Over time, they could do more, but always under your supervision.

If your horses are kind and easy to manage, then start with the basics. Your partner needs to feel confident with doing small things first and grooming is an excellent way to start.

Make sure your horses are tied up and there’s plenty of space to allow your partner to move out of the way if they want to.

When you’re leading out one horse, have your partner walk with you, without them having to hold the rope.

Once they feel happy with this, try swapping places and walk with your partner while they're leading your horse.

Simple things like learning to tie up, pick out feet (you hold the feet first), will slowly help them feel braver and give them the confidence to do more.  

Keep everything calm, make sure you’re not rushing and overtime they'll become braver. 

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