How to choose the right equestrian centre for horse riding

Perhaps you're thinking of returning to riding after a few years or fancy picking up the reins for the first time, then the next step is to find the right horse riding centre to learn or brush up on your skills. Here we explain what to look for when choosing the right place for you.

Finding the right place to ride is so important

Finding the right place to ride is so important

Approved horse riding establishments


There are many riding schools around the country that have great facilities and a variety of horses, but is the centre approved? A British Horse Society approved riding centre means that you know they have met a certain standard, so should have trained staff, range of facilities and safe horses. Knowing this will put most new rider’s minds at rest, leading to them having a good experience. To find your nearest approved riding centre visit:

Horse riding instructors

Finding the right place with a confident, understanding and knowledgeable instructor can make all the difference to your learning and experience of this sport. You want your lesson to be enjoyable, yet come away thinking you have learnt something. That’s why it can be a good idea to use a qualified instructor as they’ve had the correct training and the right safety knowledge to be able to teach you the right approach to horse riding.

Riding gear

An equestrian centre should offer the opportunity for you to hire correctly fitted riding hats that meet the right safety standard. Although, after a few lessons you might choose to purchase your own hat. Some larger centres will offer back protectors, especially to children, but yet again once you know that this sport is for you, a back protector is well worth buying.

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Teaching riding

Horse riding is meant to be fun, so the riding centre should be welcoming and encourage you to learn and enjoy this new found sport. You should feel that after a lesson you can’t wait to come back the next week. Often word of mouth about different centres should give you a good idea whether a place would be right for you. Just to make sure it's the right place for you, opt to go for a trial 30 minute lesson before you consider block booking a few lessons.


A good centre should have a variety of horses for all abilities and sizes of riders. When going to view a centre or when enquiring over the phone ask about the types of horses they have and their natures. Some centres will have a weight and possible height limit, so don’t be offended if the centre asks you before you book your first lesson.

Most importantly!

Enjoy it - as you'll probably find that you've found a long lasting hobby.