Why has my horse insurance premium increased?

Has your horse insurance premium increased recently? Here to explain why is Charlotte Gibbs, Senior Marketing Executive at Petplan Equine. 


Q: The price of my premium has increased over the last few years even though I've not made a claim. Why is this? 

A: Vets can now do more for horses and ponies than ever before, but sophisticated diagnostics and medical developments come at a cost, which has had an impact on horse insurance premiums.

In addition, your insurance premium reflects the likelihood of you needing to make a claim. 

If your situation has changed, for example as your horse gets older or if you move up a competition level, you may have seen an increase in premium.

Petplan Equine is a specialist provider of horse insurance and offers a wide range of policies tailored to suit the needs of individual horse owners. 

This means you only insure for the activities you actually take part in and choose the benefits that are useful to you.

If you're unhappy with any increases in your premium, you should talk to your insurance provider to ensure your cover is appropriate to your circumstances. 

You can get quotes from other insurance companies but remember that you usually get what you pay for in the long run, so ask your vet which insurance companies they recommend.