When do I need to worm my horse?

Knowing whether to worm your horse and when to do it can be confusing. Here, Dr Wendy Talbot, National Equine Veterinary manager at Zoetis gives her advice.  

Q: I'm confused by worming and get told what to worm for and when to worm by my livery yard. Please you can explain what I need to be doing?

A: Worming can be quite confusing so I'd always advise that you ask your vet for advice or a Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) at the point of sale. That said, here are the things you need to know. 

1. Treat all horses for encysted small redworm in November and December.

These types of worm should be treated by using a single dose of moxidectin or a five-day course of fenbendazole.

Due to widespread resistance to fenbendazole, it's recommended that a resistance test is conducted before using this type of wormer. 

2. Every two to three months during the grazing season, ask your vet to carry out faecal worm egg counts.

After this, treat your horse for redworm (strongyles) as required. 

3. It's recommended to administer a tapeworm treatment once or twice a year.

Alternatively, consult your vet about conducting a separate tapeworm test using a blood or saliva sample.