What do I need to feed my horse for riding camp?

Thinking of going to riding camp with your horse? Follow Dengie nutritionist Tracey Hammond's advice before you set off. 


Q: I'm attending my first week-long riding camp with my gelding this summer. Do I need to up my horse's feeds in preparation, or make changes to his hard feed before I go? 

The golden rule is to only increase your horse's energy intake in response to work he's done, rather than in preparation for any work that's anticipated.

As your geldings already ridden regularly and is in good condition, it's likely he'll have enough energy in his normal diet to cope with the demands of camp and maintain his weight. 

As the camp is in summer, when the temperature's likely to be warmer, it would be a good idea to get him established on an electrolyte supplement, such as Science Supplements Complete Electrolytes, Baileys Aqua-Aide or Dodson & Horrell Electrolytes.

Increased workload, combined with warmer weather, means your horse will sweat more and his normal diet won't supply enough electrolytes to replace the losses.

Electrolytes can be added to his daily feed, used alongside a soaked product, such as Speedi-Beet or Dengie Alfa-Beet, to help mask the taste as well as aid hydration.