What can I do between check-ups with my horse’s physiotherapist?

Equine physio Grace Fairburn BSc (Hons), AdvCertVPhys, CertClinEd, MIRVAP reveals whay you can do between your horse's physiotherapy check ups:

Check with your vet that any new work you intend to integrate into your horse’s routine is appropriate and not detrimental to any current conditions. To help maintain muscle and joint integrity there are a few key exercises you can do without even having to ride.

riding over Straight Raised Poles

Raised pole work in straight lines and fan shapes in-hand, in walk will help with limb joint flexion core engagement and stretching through the neck and back. Pole work doesn’t have to be boring and you can be quite inventive with the layout, just remember to keep your horse active but not in a rushed walk. Once he’s got used to a slightly raised pole, try increasing the height with one end (to the height of your horse’s knee) and the other on the floor.

To help your horse gain an awareness of his own movements, ask him to reverse over a pole on the ground or along a corridor of poles, with straightness and fluency.

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