Harry Meade helps one reader improve her horse's jumping technique


Earlier this year, in partnership with feed manufacturer Dodson and Horrell two Your Horse magazine readers won our Goal Getter competition. 

One of winners, Charlotte Witcombe travelled from Southampton to Wiltshire with her horse Princess for their lesson with event rider Harry Meade. 

Harry, Charlotte and Princess at the end of their jumping lesson

Harry, Charlotte and Princess at the end of their jumping lesson

Charlotte has her eyes firmly fixed on qualifying for the 2019 Mitsubishi Motors Cup at Badminton with her horse Princess. 

The focus of their lesson was to help the ex-racehorse make a better shape over her fences. 

Harry uses several different exercises during the lesson to help both horse and rider to concentrate and ride accurately. 

By the end of the lesson there was a clear improvement and Harry's exercises could help your horse too.

Want to learn more about what the exercises Harry suggested? Check out the new issue of Your Horse magazine - on sale Thursday 28 June. 

Perfect Jumping Position

Without a secure jumping position, you can’t expect to ride a good round. Top show jumper Laura Renwick is here to help you get it right.

With jumping, like many things in life, success depends on getting the foundations right. With the basics in place, you can build up your skills with confidence and progression comes more easily.

Exercise three - Standing trot

Be warned – this is deceivingly difficult. This exercise is a really good test of your balance – and is also a great way of improving it.

Stand up in your stirrups and try to balance. If you are too far forward, you will quickly tip and lose balance and, if you are a little too far back, you will sit back down. A simple way of incorporating this exercise into your everyday routine is to get into the habit of changing the diagonal by standing up for two strides rather than sitting down.