Five reasons to sign up to #Hack1000miles

At Your Horse magazine we already know what's brilliant about our #Hack100miles campaign but we just want to be 100% sure that you do too. We also know that you're busy people so in the name of keeping things simple here are five reasons why we think you should sign up to #Hack1000miles today.

1 Get the feel good factor

Hacking itself is great fun but by taking part in this epic challenge you and your horse will feel awesome and that, good people, is a reward in itself. You're going have a goal to work towards and hundreds of chums to chat to about it as you go. Plus, it's FREE!

2 Enjoy the benefits of hacking

horse hacking in wood.JPG

Feel great!

Hacking has lots of benefits
for you and your horse...

A 2003 study* investigated whether there’s a benefit in being active whilst being directly exposed to nature (they called this ‘green exercise’) and the research indicated that being exposed to nature has a positive impact on our health, can help improve stress levels and even help to protect us from future stress. This means that by simply hacking in the great outdoors, you’re positively impacting your health. This is just ONE of the benefits.

3 Join an awesome community

By signing up to #Hack1000miles you'll join a community of hackers - people who love to hack out, just as much as you. You can chat online in our dedicated Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group, share ideas and tips for safe hacking and even route finding. You might even find a fellow hacker down the road that you never knew existed! Plus, we'll keep you up to date with all the latest #Hack1000miles news, including your photos and updates, on our dedicated website

4 Feature in Your Horse magazine

HACK 1000 MILES in your horse magazine

By sharing your hacking selfies online using our hashtag #Hack1000miles you could find yourself in Your Horse magazine AND, if you do, we'll send you a lovely prize in the post...all for having fun and taking a picture in the process.

5 Win prizes!

Throughout the #Hack1000miles campaign we'll be dishing out prizes left right and centre and giving you opportunites to enter amazing competitions via the magazine and website. Already, we've given out grooming products, high-vis, Annabel Brocks headbands, books, Your Horse Live tickets, riding clothing and there's more to come!

Still need convincing?

Here why our #Hack1000miles ambassador Tracey Sawyer got involved...

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