Getting a horse used to jumping indoors

Jumping indoors can take a lot of preparation - especially if your horse tends to be spooky. Here, we catch up with eventing coach Caroline Moore who offers her advice on the best way to get your horse ready for the challenge.

jumping a horse indoors

Make him feel safe

The most important thing to gain is your horse's trust and respect, so if there's something he's questioning he looks to you for security and assistance. 

One way you can do this is if you feel him start to spook, apply stronger leg and hand pressure to offer him security and support. This will also encourage him to work in a rounder outline and become more attentive towards you. Always praise him if he relaxes.

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Prepare him at home

At home, work with more colourful show jumps and add things like tarpaulin as fillers to make the fencers more unusual. Always make the fences quite small so you can build his confidence up slowly. 

I'd also suggest hiring an indoor arena to give your horse time to get used to this new environment without the stress of competing.