Video - Emma Massingale shows us how her ponies are super helpful when it comes to clipping!

Many horse and pony owners dread the time when colder temperatures, rugging up and woolly winter coats mean that the dreaded clipping needs to be undertaken. 

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The exception to this rule is animal behaviourist Emma Massingale, one of Mole Valley Farmers’ three sponsored riders.  In her short video released this week, Emma demonstrates how she takes the strain out of clipping, by getting her ponies to help her access those ‘important little places’! So with her trusty Lister battery clippers she goes to the field, her Connemara ponies come up of their own accord and without being tied up, they stand, sit, snooze or lie down, so Emma can perfect their clips.  It looks so easy, she can even do it ‘standing on her head’ - as she demonstrates!

To view the video, click here

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“The ponies were super helpful and they all seemed to enjoy the attention and the lovely autumn sunshine,” says Emma. “We have built an amazing bond as they know that I will look after them, and in return, they trust me and so even when I ask them to do things that are less than normal, such as get into a sail boat or push a shopping trolley, the answer is usually ‘Yes!’ Working with horses is my passion and my love and a dream come true. Horses amaze and inspire me on a daily basis.  With compassion, imagination and a sense of fun, there really is no limit to what is possible."

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Emma, who lives near Holsworthy in Devon, uses her own unique training methods to encourage a range of animals to do the most incredible things! In previous films she has trained her cat Louise to ride pony Comet bareback; Shetland pony Ernie recently administered CRP and micro pig Luigi helped a small boy select his wellies!

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