Top tips for safe travel with your horse


Getting out and about with your horse should be lots of fun, but it can occasionally turn into a nightmare.

We’ve all seen the horror stories about travelling gone wrong. So, here’s a list of pre-travel checks you can do before setting off that will hopefully highlight a potential problem before it arises.

  • Have appropriate breakdown cover. There are companies that offer specialist cover for horseboxes and trailers.

  • Service the vehicle annually and include in that a thorough check of the brakes.

  • Check that the lights are working.

  • Regularly check floors for signs of rotting, wear or damage.

  • Ensure that the tyres are correctly inflated, are free from cracks and wear and tear, and that the wheel nuts are tight.

  • Check the spare tyre is in good working order and ensure that you have equipment to change a tyre if necessary.

  • Check all oil and water levels, including brake fluid, power steering fluid and the windscreen washer fluid.

  • Check that the breakaway cable on the trailer is in good working order and is fitted to the towing vehicle correctly.

  • Ensure that any partitions, doors and ramps are in good condition.

  • Always have a fully charged mobile phone with you, a fully stocked first aid kit, an up-to-date map and directions of where you are going.

For more lessons learned from travelling accidents, read the full article in issue 456.

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