How to take your horse's temperature


For this you’ll have to work in your horse’s hind leg region and insert a thermometer into his bottom. He won’t thank you for this so take care – it can result in even the most even-tempered horse kicking out. This isn’t a job that should be attempted solo, so before you get to it ask a friend to give you a hand.


1 Stand by his left side, parallel to his trunk, move down his side then lift his tail with your left hand. It’s tempting to move behind him so it’s easier to see what you’re doing but don’t – no one likes to be double barrelled!


2 Gently insert your well-lubricated thermometer (the end should be coated in Vaseline) into his bottom. Be sure to hold it against the inside wall or you’ll just be taking the temperature of his poo, which is no help to anyone. Hold it still for 30 seconds if you’re using a traditional mercury thermometer or, if it’s a digital one, until it bleeps.


3 Remove the thermometer, release his tail and move away. Perhaps give him a treat as a way of saying thanks (and sorry!).


4 Once you’ve got the reading, note it down so you learn what’s normal – which makes spotting issues so much easier.


What’s normal?

The normal temperature of a horse is between 37.5 and 38.5 degrees Celsius.

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