Get your horse’s skin and coat in the best possible condition for the year ahead


Unless your steed is clipped out during the winter months, spring can be a pretty hairy time for horses and their owners as horses lose their thick, winter coats.

Grooming is a vital part of your horse’s daily routine, particularly while he’s shedding his winter coat.

Spring is a great time to reconsider the rugs he wears and jump at any opportunity to turn out without one on – it does wonders for coat health!

Make it a daily habit

A daily groom of between 20 and 30 minutes – after exercise when the pores are open – will not only help remove the old hair, but also add a shine to the new coat coming through.

Rubber curry combs are great for lifting dead hair, followed by a dandy or body brush to brush it away.

Be aware that body brushes can remove essential oils in the coat, which are beneficial to horses living out.

To rug or not to rug

While the speed of coat loss is believed to be a response to increased daylight hours, keeping your horse rugged up so that he’s warm (but not too hot) will help shift stubborn hairs.

Bear in mind the inside of rugs can become overloaded with old hair and dirt, making them itchy and uncomfortable for your horse, so make sure hair inside rugs is removed regularly with a stiff brush. 

When the weather is warm enough, turn your horse out without a rug so he can have a good roll, which will also help dislodge loose hair.

Consider his diet

If your horse’s coat is looking dull, consider his diet. Speak to a nutritionist or feed company for advice about how to improve his coat from the inside out.

They may suggest the addition of a feed balancer or multivitamin.

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