Five tips to help your horse be a happy traveller

Staying calm yourself will help your horse settle on his travels

Staying calm yourself will help your horse settle on his travels

We’re right in the middle of the competition season, which means your horse will probably be spending more time than usual on the lorry or trailer. Of course, travelling doesn’t come without its worries; you want everything to run smoothly, and he wants reassurance that the environment you’ve put him in is safe. 

There are lots of things you can do to make traveling a smooth affair - here we’ve got five great tips for you to ensure your horse travels like a pro.

1 String up a haynet

It might sound obvious, but food almost always works to calm an anxious horse and tempt him on board in the first place. Giving your horse a haynet will not only keep him occupied, but he’ll associate staying on a lorry with an extra meal too.

2 Keep him hydrated

Long spells on the lorry can lead to dehydration, so offer your horse water every hour and, on a hot summer’s day, stop every half an hour to offer him a drink.

3 Give him room to breathe

Even when the temperature drops, your horse needs good ventilation. Don’t shut up all the windows on your lorry or box, instead rug him up accordingly and leave the windows half open.

4 Watch the temperature

Before you set off consider the weather. If it’s a boiling hot day and he’s on the lorry for a few hours, think about how you’re going to deal with this. Is it possible to travel early in the morning when the temperature is a bit cooler for instance?

5 Double check

As the driver, you have the responsibility to make sure everything is OK for your passenger. Making sure his travel gear is on securely, that he’s tied up properly and that the partition and ramp are secure are all no-brainer checks, but it’s worth making a checklist before you hit the road.

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