8 ways to help your horse cope with fireworks

Keeping your horse chilled when fireworks go off can be tricky, that's why we've asked Intelligent Horsemanship expert Rosie Jones for some top tips on tackling Bonfire night. 

Stressed horse in stable.jpg
  • Use a CD of firework noises to help your horse accept them. These are also useful in order to spot which horses are really going to take exception to it
  • Work your horse really well before the noise starts - maybe take him for a long hack and let him have a blast
  • Most horses prefer to be outside with their friend but if you go down this route make sure your fencing is extremely secure
  • Don't subject your horse to unfamiliar environment
  • What makes the biggest difference to a scared horse is to put him with a quiet one who isn't bothered by the noise, so choose this option if you can 
  • Use earplugs on your horse but don't leave him alone with them in 
  • Strangely, horses cope better in these situations if there aren't any humans around to stress them out. If you feel you need to be at the yard, just sit quietly in the tack room and only intervene if a problem arises
  • Give him plenty of hay to eat to keep him occupied