5 easy ways to form a bond with your horse

Keeping that bond strong between you and your horse can be a bit of a struggle, so at Your Horse magazine we're always looking for ways you can help to improve it. 


With the help of Emma Massingale, a leader in herd behaviour, we've put together a few ways you can help him love you just that little bit more.

1. Give him time with his friends

Let him live with a herd – he’ll be happier for it

2. Shower him with affection

If he has to be on his own, you must be his best friend. Make life interesting and his environment enjoyable. Spend lots of time with him. Forage for interesting herbs and put them in the field for him to nibble. Groom him as a horse would. 

3. Fallen out? Make up

If (in his eyes) you’ve done something wrong, you have to work to earn credits and get back in his good books

4. Be a support system

If there’s anything he doesn’t like — such as being wormed, clipped or vaccinated — then get someone else to be there for it. This way, he won’t associate the experience with you

5. Try and stay calm

He will listen more if you’re calm with him. If you display negativity (such as shouting) he’ll feed off this and misbehave

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