Fuelling horses across all disciplines with Dodson & Horrell


Dodson & Horrell champion an innovative approach to equine nutrition that fuels horses across all disciplines.

Our range of fully balanced feeds includes palatable non-heating mixes such as Pasture Mix and Elite Sport Muesli and low intake options like Ultimate Balancer, offering unique additives to support performance and overall health.

Light to medium work

Pasture Mix is a great step-up from a lower calorie feed for those in light to medium work.

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It provides quality protein and a blend of highly digestible fibres, also known as “super-fibres”, to provide steady-release energy for performance and support digestive health. The inclusion of mint, basil and oregano gives it a delicious aroma making it hard to resist. 

Elite athletes

For those requiring a higher energy feed with a low starch and sugar content, Elite Sport Muesli is perfect.

It is the lowest starch muesli in the performance range and is formulated to provide performance level nutrition for horses prone to ulcers, or those reactive to higher starch feeds.

A blend of digestible fibres and oil provide steady-release energy. FOS and MOS (prebiotics), ActiSaf yeast (probiotic), QLC antioxidants, key amino acids and chelated minerals provide the upmost support for digestive health, performance and recovery post-exercise.

Latest nutritional advances

When higher energy feeds are not required, a good-quality balancer such as Ultimate Balancer is suitable.

This low intake, low calorie balancer incorporates the latest nutritional advances, ensuring your horse is getting all the proteins, vitamins and minerals they need.

The addition of FOS and MOS, ActiSaf yeast, QLC antioxidants, Biotin, MSM and Vitamin C provides support for digestive, immune and overall health. 

Go to our website, or call our helpline on 01832 737300 and speak to one of our nutritional advisors for more information on all our feeds.