Feeding your horse fibre for the competition season

There’s many horse feeds available that are ‘high fibre’, but knowing which is best for your horse can be tricky, especially if you compete or work him regularly. 

Here, the experts at Dengie explain five key areas of fibre you need to consider in your performance horse’s feed. 

1. Respiratory health


Feeds that contain straw aren’t as clean as those that contain just high-temperature-dried fibres.

Drying feeds at a high temperature, a method used in Dengie’s Alfa-A range, reduces the presence of mould.

Dengie also use efficient extraction processes in its Alfa-A range to reduce the dust content, making the range ideal for promoting respiratory health in performance horses. 

2. Energy level


If you’re working your horse regularly, you want to make sure he’s getting the right amount of energy from his diet to be able to perform at his best.

The Dengie Alfa-A range has a feed to cater for all energy requirements.

If you’re after as much energy as in a cool mix, look to Alfa-A Original. If your horse prefers a competition or conditioning mix, try Alfa-A Oil.

Alfa-A Oil contains 12.5MJ/kg of digestible energy, but is just 4.5% sugar and 2% starch. You really can do hard work on a fibre and oil-based diet.

3. Quality protein source

To perform well and build strength, your horse will need essential amino acids to maintain his muscles.

The alfalfa plant converts nitrogen from the atmosphere into amino acids in its own tissues. When horses eat alfalfa, they benefit from these amino acids stored within the plant’s tissues.

The Alfa-A range at Dengie is abundant in essential amino acids, compared to other fibre sources, meaning it can provide your horse with a quality protein source. 

4. A natural buffer

Another benefit of Alfalfa is that it’s richer in calcium than other chopped fibers.

This gives it greater natural buffering properties against acidity in the digestive system, protecting your horse’s stomach.

5. Traceability

Do you ever consider where the contents of your feedbag comes from? The alfalfa used in the Dengie Alfa-A range is grown in the UK.

Every bag can be traced back to the field it was grown in so you know exactly where your feed comes from!

Don’t just take Dengie's word for it…

Lucy Jackson, CCI4* International Event Rider 


"Dengie alfalfa is vital for the health and wellbeing of all my horses, providing them with essential nutrients, energy and stamina.

"Being fuelled by fibre means their digestive system is uncompromised enabling them to perform at their very best."

Event rider Alicia Wilkinson


Alicia Wilkinson & Perfect Timing II, aka Pooh, who completed Blenheim in 2017 on a Dengie Grass Pellet, Alfa-Beet & Performance+ Balancer diet

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