Baileys: Supporting horses every step of the way

At Baileys, we are passionate about equine wellbeing and wanted to get involved in the #hack1000miles campaign because of the benefits we see it bringing to horses and riders, providing motivation to get out there and get fit, especially for those equines who are prone to gaining weight. 


As horse owners ourselves, many of the Baileys team have signed up to hacking 1000 miles this year and we’re all enjoying the benefits it’s bringing.

Boosting fitness

With regular hacking Coco is now fitter and stronger 

With regular hacking Coco is now fitter and stronger 

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Roz Howling, has taken up the challenge in order to increase the fitness, strength and confidence of her young Sport Horse, Coco.

Coco is a sharp mare who can also be lazy when schooling and gets fat just looking at grass. Since taking up the challenge, they have been doing a lot more schooling whilst out hacking, encouraging Coco to be more forward thinking and to improve her suppleness and strength.

Coco is being fed Performance Balancer, which provides all the essential nutrients she requires for regular work, supporting her muscle development and improving her lethargy through supplying a balanced diet.

It's low in starch and sugar, so it doesn’t heat her up and, with minimal calories, it also doesn’t add to her waistline - a definite bonus as they try to lose weight through the challenge!  (Image of Roz & Coco hacking)

Confidence to hack alone

Our Marketing Manager, Jane Buchan, is also taking part with her two event horses; Holstein gelding, Carleton, and Baileys ex-racehorse, Cracker (aka Baileys En Premier). Jane is using the challenge to retain their fitness for eventing up to Advanced level.

Cracker is now more confident hacking on his own

Cracker is now more confident hacking on his own

Cracker, like Coco, can be sharp and is a strong, powerful horse who's prone to losing weight, even in summer. To provide him with the calories he needs, Cracker is fed on Ease & Excel.

The blend has low levels of starch and sugar and therefore helps to promote a calm temperament, whilst being fully balanced, it provides him with all his essential vitamins, minerals and quality protein for muscle development and fitness work.

Cracker started the challenge being quite reluctant to hack out on his own. Since being on Ease & Excel, he's calmed down a lot and since hacking out regularly, he's now confidently going out on his own. (Image of Jane and Cracker Hacking)


If you'd like to find the right feed to support your horse through the challenge, or check that you’re doing it right, try the Baileys online Feed Finder tool or contact us on 01371 850247.