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There are so many areas of the equestrian world that we're fascinated by so we've asked some of our good friends and contacts to share what they know with you. From behind the scenes insights to tales from equestrian professionals going about their every day lives, check in for regular blogs from vets, riders and Your Horse readers. Enjoy!

Not heard of para vaulting before? Meet Lizzie, who's here to explain all about this fun sport and how she got involved. 

Meet the Hairy Hopefuls! Normal horses with normal riders who hope to do something brilliant together. Don't miss their lessons with Alison Short in mag every month! 

Sallyanne's life was turned upside down after an accident with her horse in 2015. Here, we follow her journey to get back in the saddle. 

Meet Your Horse blogger, Natalie Briscoe. She's recently dusted off her competition jacket with the goal of competing her cob Florence (aka, The Diva) in dressage. Follow her adventures here! 

University: three years of study, endless free time and putting off adult responsibilities for just one more minute. I surely can’t have been the only one who left their horse at home and wondered what we could have achieved if I’d stayed - so here I am, back home and graduated, with the same big dreams as before I left. Except now, there’s all the graduate expectations to deal with: just how easy is it to juggle shift work, aspirations and a slightly hysterical thoroughbred?

Meet Your Horse blogger Rachel Sabin, who's here to help us all feel more confident in the saddle

Ever wondered what it's like to be a vet? Wonder no more as we give you exclusive updates from a team of XLVets Equine. They let you in on their daily life with their horsey patients.

Missed a blog? Don't worry, you can find it in our archive.

PLMR's Zoe White is keeping an eye on Brexit and explaining exactly what it  might mean for horses and anyone involved with the equine industry. 

Falling pregnant is exciting ... as she heads towards her due date we follow her journey to see how she's been getting her horsey fix...out of the saddle.