Microcurrent therapy for horses

Microcurrent therapy

With a file full of positive case studies and six years of treating horses with microcurrent therapy under her belt, human and equine therapist Dawn Rothwell is keen to spread the word about this non-invasive treatment.

“I was first introduced to the benefits of microcurrent using Alpha-Stim technology after meeting with veterinarian Ava Frick who runs a highly successful pain clinic treating horses and dogs using the device in the USA”, says Dawn. “After using the Alpha-Stim myself I’ve managed to develop various methods of using it with horses that have all been successful.”

How MET works

An MET machine like the Apha-Stim unit produces two sequences of minute, cell-specific electrical currents that work at the same level as those that naturally occur in your horse’s body. The electrical currents enhance cellular processes, which can initiate and sustain the chemical and electrical reactions that occur in the healing process. MET has been proven to restore full function to damaged structures in a fraction of the usual time, reducing scar tissue and resulting in a far better outcome.





What can MET help

Here are just some things this therapy can help with

  •  Reduces healing time of open wounds
  •  Calms horses and reduces stress
  •  Disperses swelling, bruising and inflammation
  •  Reduces and eliminates pain
  •  Reduces inflammation and improves circulation
  •  Repairs bone, nerve and soft tissue damage
  •  Breaks down scar tissue
  •  Disperses lactic acid helping to prevent the onset of Azoturia (tying up)
  •  Reduces and prevents muscle soreness
  • Boosts soft tissue performance
  • •Boosts the immune system
  • Kick-starts and accelerates regenerative healing in internal and external tissue
Stormy Lady was successfully treated with Microcurrent therapy

Stormy Lady was successfully treated with Microcurrent therapy

It really works!

From her extensive file of success stories Dawn shares just a few of them, proving how amazing MET is.

Stormy Lady was suffering from arthritis in both hocks, and her owner, Sharon Hoyle, had been told there was also arthritis in her shoulder. Her vet had recommended that Stormy Lady should be put to sleep. After just one MET treatment Stormy Lady was sound. This was followed up with a further two treatments and she’s now back in full work. Following this amazing result, Sharon has bought her own Alpha-Stim to manage her other two horses - one with kissing spines, the other with ligament damage.








Ikke is back out competing thanks to Microcurrent treatment

Ikke is back out competing thanks to Microcurrent treatment

Ikke was a trigeminal head shaker and was admitted to Leahurst equine hospital for tests and treatment. The vets described him as one of the worst they’d seen, recording his head shaking 60-80 times per minute. The owner Mrs M Morris was desperate and asked Dawn to take a look. After only one treatment the head shaking appeared to have stopped. This was followed up with daily treatments for 4 days and Ikke still shows no signs of head shaking. He’s now back in full work and competing regularly.

To book an appointment, call Dawn Rothwell on 07825529054 or Shaun McGrath on 07887977977.

Daily CES treatment with the Alpha-Stim is available from £35 per month and is available from www.alpha-stim.co.uk

The Alpha-Stim M for pain relief retails at £599 excluding VAT.

Wildwash Gentle Shampoo

The manufacturer says:
The WildWash brand, renowned for their natural and healing pet shampoos and cosmetics, have spent the last two years creating an amazing range of 4 horse shampoos. These shampoos showcase the most innovative and ground breaking natural ingredients, which will set new standards for horse care products.

The range includes: Gentle, Medicated, Ultra Shine and Whitening

The Gentle Shampoo contains soothing Aloe Vera, Marshmallow Root and Evening Primrose Oil

The Gentle Shampoo contains soothing Aloe Vera, Marshmallow Root and Evening Primrose Oil

Price per 1-litre bottle: £24.95 (mixing bottle £4.95)

Tested by Your Horse editor, Imogen Johnson.
"I first used the ‘Gentle’ wash in this range for my mare who has very sensitive skin. It comes in a large 1-litre bottle, which is heavily concentrated for use when diluted. With the Shampoo you get an additional mixing bottle. To this you add a little of the concentrated shampoo (you fill to a clearly labelled ‘fill line’) then top up the bottle with clean water.

Using the mixing bottle the shampoo can be dilluted at a 32 to 1 ratio

Using the mixing bottle the shampoo can be dilluted at a 32 to 1 ratio

"The key thing about this product for me is that I was amazed at how little I needed to use and how long the bottle lasted. A little goes a very long way!

"What’s more, I found I could squirt a little of the diluted solution straight from the bottle onto a sponge, then onto my horse which saved water, shampoo, time and mess! It also meant that if I only wanted to tackle a small area, it was easy and meant I didn’t have to drench my horse.

Post wash, over the next few days her coat looked great and any areas of dry, flaky skin (she "suffers form sweet itch) seemed to be much improved.

"All in all this product is easy to use and does a really good job. You might, at first, shy away from the price tag (£24.95) but I felt it was worth it. One bottle seems to last and last."


Racesafe Provent body protector

The Racesafe Provent

The Racesafe Provent

The manufacturer says: This body protector is ultra lightweight and thanks to the 70 independently hinged sections it gives you great flexibility and comfort. The breathable net outer and perforated inner material help to keep your cool when you’re working hard. It also features an elasticated adjustment system for improved movement and comfort.

Price Adult sizes from £198


Tested by Your Horse editor, Imogen Johnson

“If you’re like me and simply hate wearing a body protector then this is the one for you – you quickly forget you’ve got it on!

“As the manufacturer says it is ultra lightweight and even in the warmest of weather I found I stayed cool when wearing it which really impressed me. I’ve also worn this under a lightweight-riding jacket and it was hard to tell I had it on. It doesn’t look bulky or unflattering.

Even when worn under a jacket, the racesafe Provent isn't bulky or unflattering

Even when worn under a jacket, the racesafe Provent isn't bulky or unflattering

"This is the first body protector I’ve had that zips up, which is great. The zip front makes it easy to do up and it’s also easily adjustable if you need to make any tweaks to the fit.

"All the features Racesafe have added for flexibility really do the job as it’s easy to move in and super comfy. There’s really no excuse not to wear it. I can’t fault it!”

WeatherBeeta Airflow Combo

What the maufacturer says:
Made from a durable, lightweight polyester mesh to protect your horse from insects, this rug will also keep him cool on warmer days.

It has an elastic panel at the base of the combo neck for comfort, a full wrap tail flap, removable belly flap and side gussets.

WeatherBeeta Airflow Combo

What our tester says:
This rug has a good, deep fit and stays in place well. The fastenings have lots of adjustment and the belly bib is a good size and a secure fit, though you can detach it if you need to. The neck cover’s a good length and the elastic panel over the withers ensures it doesn’t pull as the horse is grazing.  It covers all the key areas really well, with extra lining at the mane and shoulder area
to stop any rubbing. The generous tail flap provides additional protection.

The mesh is very soft and has a silky finish, but doesn’t move at all. The material’s bright and reflective, helping to keep the horse cool on warmer days. All our test horses were content wearing it and not bothered by flies.

Price: £67.99*
Colours: Smoke/lavender, silver/navy/white
Sizes: 4ft to 7ft 3in


*Price at time of publishing


Haas bay/chestnut brushes

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

The team at online retailer Eqclusive has put together several sets of Haas brushes to suit different coat colours and I’ve been using the set for bay or chestnut horses.

The brushes are well made and are all I need to keep my mare Wish’s coat clean and shiny.

Each of the brushes in the set has a specific job to do and every pack comes with advice on what order to use the brushes so you get the best results. You use the Millitary brush for removing dirt which it does easily, followed by the Cavalier brush to clean the top of the coat. To complete the look and to really produce an amazing shine there’s the Coat Gloss brush and the super soft Diva Exclusiv which used sheepskin to polish the coat.

I’ve been using these brushes for five months and Wish’s coat looks great and with minimum effort. I no longer need to use hard dandy brushes to get rid of mud, the Millitary brush does this for me. They even remove most stains from her white socks too.

They may be a little more expensive than other brushes, but my grooming kit only consists of these three brushes and a mane and tail comb, that’s all I need.

Price*: £65


* At time of publishing - April 2016

Haas bay/chestnut brushes

Micklem Competition bridle

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This bridle is designed for comfort and takes into account the shape of your horse’s head. I’ve used it on both of my horses, Wish and Jester, and both seem to like it compared to their conventional bridles.

There are lost of great features on this bridle including the fact that there are no additional straps for the noseband so there’s less pressure over the headpiece. There’s also plenty of scope for adjustment so you can get a good fit.

The headpiece is shaped to go around the back of the ears and a little padding adds to the comfort.

I've been using this bridle for three years now and from the get go I noticed that both my horses seem to accept the contact better and go more consistently in it.

This bridle looks a little different, but for me, comfort comes first and I’ll continue to use it as my horses go really well in it.

Price*: £120


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

The Micklem Competition Bridle

Brogini Toscana paddock boots

Our tester bought these from her local Farmway store. She was looking for a sturdy pair of boots which would give her ankle(previously broken) some support when she was out doing her horses. She said the leather is lovely and soft and took very little breaking in and the zip front makes them really easy to put on and take off. The air pockets inside the heel and soft, cushioned insole makes these boots so comfortable to wear.

These aren’t the cheapest boots, but our tester felt thinks they're worth their pricetag for their great looks and comfort.

Colours Black, brown

Sizes 3.5 to 9

Price £95*



*Price at time of publishing

Toscana boots

Noble Outfitters Equine Essential Tote

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

This robust and smart looking bag keeps all your grooming kit neat and tidy.

As well as providing plenty of room to store all your grooming brushes, it’s also the perfect size and shape to store other bits and pieces such as fly repellent, detangler etc.

The mesh bottom means the majority of dirt and hair falls out helping to keep your brushes cleaner.

Price*: £39.95



*Price at time of publishing - April 2016


Noble Outfitters Equine Essential Tote

IceVibe boots from horseware

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

These boots cleverly deliver cool therapy and massage which you can use together or individually.

I’ve used these mainly as part of my daily routine as a massage boot which I used before work to try and maintain my horse’s legs. They're great way to start the warming up process before I get on and hopefully avoid injuries.

If the ground is hard I use them again after work with the cool pad on with massage again.

They fit neatly and securely around your horse’s legs. They’re well-made and a great piece of kit to use on a daily basis or have in your tack room to use after hard work or if your horse has banged himself.

Price*: £170


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

IceVibe boots from Horseware

Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - spray and gel

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

I started using this fly repellent last summer (2015) and I’ve was really pleased with the results.

You can buy the spray or gel, or both. I personally like to buy both and to use them together. I use the liquid on my horses' bodies and the gel for around the eyes, ears and other hard to reach areas. The gel is a good option if your horse isn't a fan of sprays.

Both the spray and gel are very effective, plus using only natural ingredients they're good to the environment and your horse's skin.

I've watched both of my horses carefully when out in the field with this product applied and they both seemed to be less bothered by flies. On really warm days I may need to apply it during the day, but I’d definitely recommend it.

A little seems to go a long way making it cost effective to use too.

Price*: £14.95 for 1 litre (Spray), £12.95 for 300ml (gel)


*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

Hawkins Organic Buck Off fly repellent - gel and spray

Just Togs Dazzle Show Shirt

The Dazzle show shirt is perfect for the competitive rider wanting a bit more sparkle. It’s comfortable to wear, and the Swarovski buttons are a nice added detail. This shirt is made from Aerocool fabric that helps to regulate your body temperature. The material isn’t as stretchy as others, so check your size before your buy.

Colours White / Sizes XS to XXL

Price £27


JT Dazzle.JPG

Toggi Calgary boots

The Toggi Calgary boots are made of soft supple leather which took little breaking in. They’ve stood up to heavy wear with minimal care and I’ve just had to have one of the zips replaced, but there’s still plenty of life left in them. They have excellent thermal properties and the full length rear zips make putting on and taking off a doddle. The only minor issue I’ve had with these boots is I have skinny calves but have found the lower ankle area a bit tight to zip up when wearing thick socks.

Colours Black, cheeco

Sizes 36 to 43 standard and wide fit

Price £110


Toggi Calgary boots

Ariat Showstopper show shirt

What our tester said:

Perfect for warmer weather, this shirt is made from a lightweight material and incorporates Ariat’s Moisture Movement Technology to stop you getting too hot when you’re riding. The subtle lace design made this shirt look a little different, but it’s still smart. The size isn’t generous and it’s not very long in the body so didn’t tuck into breeches well.

Colours White, Oxford blue

Sizes XS to XL

PRICE: From £39.99*


*Price at time of publishing


Ariat Showstopper show shirt

Ariat Showstopper show shirt

Mountain Horse Lauren TK Breeches

Good quality breeches that were comfortable to wear. They fitted really nicely on the hips and leg and had a good amount of stretch so you didn’t feel restricted. Felt nice and comfortable to wear. These didn’t have a full seat so didn’t feel very secure when riding.

Colours Black, red, white, beige, navy, coffee

Sizes 24in to 34in

Price £99.75*


*Correct at time of publishing

Mountain Horse Lauren TK Breeches

Ariat Bromont Boots

Used by YH reader Ann Hiles for three years

Ann says: I just love my Ariat Bromont boots they are so comfortable to wear around the yard and for riding. They look really smart and I use them for competitions and everyday riding. These boots are waterproof making them practical to wear around the yard too and most days I forget I’m wearing them.

The stretch panel at the top of the boot ensures you get a neat and comfortable fit, plus the rear zip makes them easy to put on and take off. When this pair needs replacing I’ll definitely be buying another pair.

Colours Oiled black (regular, full, wide), waxed black, waxed chocolate (regular, full fit)

Sizes 3 to 81/2

Price £279.99*


*Correct at time of publishing

Ariat Bromont Boots