WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Horse Rug Range

Introducing the Revolutionary New WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Horse Rug Range

The entire WeatherBeeta turnout range has been completely redesigned from the surcingles up for maximum comfort, fit, durability and value. This is WeatherBeeta’s most advanced range ever, and you are certain to find the perfect WeatherBeeta for your Rug Wrecker, Rug Houdini or Rug Friendly. Why? Because every level of the new ComFiTec collection includes product options that provide ultimate protection based on your horse’s individual needs and personality.

Take a closer look at the complete new range to find the perfect WeatherBeeta for your horse:

ComFiTec Ultra: The ultimate in comfort, fit & durability. The finest protection we have ever made

ComFiTec Premier: Premium quality. Created for superior comfort & fit

ComFiTec Plus: Comfortable, durable & remarkable value

ComFiTec: WeatherBeeta quality & incredible value

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec—the perfect blend of science and love … or, as we call it, Hugology.

To discover your horse type and find the perfect WeatherBeeta ComFiTec for your horse, take a look at our Rug User Guide and complete range at