Stirrups to improve your riding position

Your pair of stirrups don't just help you feel secure in the saddle, many modern and high-tech stirrups will help improve your leg position in the saddle. Some even support and ease joint pain too. Here's four pairs to consider if you're planning on buying new ones. 

Stubben STEELtec Maxi stirrups

stubben stirrups

These smart and lightweight stirrups are made from aluminium alloy. They have a high arch for safety and large, slightly inclined pyramid tread for a secure grip and comfortable position. 

Price £164.50*

Flex-On Balance stirrups

Flex on stirrups

Ultra lightweight and strong, these moder looking stirrups have an offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot, as well as a carefully designed, inclined footbed to help you maintain a correct leg position with minimum effort. They also have elastomer shock absorbers for comfort, and small studs in the tread grip to hold your boot securely in the stirrup.

Price £145*

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Tekna Flex-Tek stirrups

Teckna stirrups

These sleek looking stirrups come with the option of two different foot treads (rubber or metal) which allows you to select which one is most comfortable for you while you're riding. they're lightweight and flexible to help ease aching joints and generally keep you comfortable whether your out for a long hack or schooling at home. 

Price £44.99*

prenger bow Balance stirrups

Sprenger stirrups

A popular choice to help you maintain a secure position in the saddle, these stirrups feature Sprenger's System 4 technology. They cleverly stretch four ways to help reduce pressure on your knees and ankles. The bow shape also makes them easy to find - a simple touch of your foot on the stirrups and it turns onto your foot. They also have a wide rubber tread for security.

Price £172*

* Prices correct at time of publishing

Five of the best medium weight turnout rugs

WeatherBeeta ComFiTEC Classic combo

WB classic

A full neck turnout rug made from a waterproof and breathable rip-stop outer material to keep your horse warm and dry when the weather is bad. Side gussets allow your horse to move freely, and a Oxford polyester lining prevents rubbing.

Colours Red/silver/navy, blue/grey/pink

Sizes 4ft to 7ft 3in

Price £64.99 *

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Masta Avante 170g turnout

Masta Avante fixed neck.jpg

This rug is available with a standard neck or full neck. It's 600 denier outer material is waterproof and breathable. It also features an anti-rub lining for additional comfort for your horse. 

Colours Dip-dye blue

Sizes 4ft 6in to 7ft 6in

Price £65 (standard neck), £80 (fixed neck) *

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Bucas Smartex Medium


A smart looking rug with a ballistic nylon shell and 150g filling. It features the Bucas Stay-Dry lining which wicks moisture away from your horse so he's stays at a comfortable temperature all day long. The Click'n Go front fastening is quick, easy and secure, plus shoulder darts allow freedom of movement. It's a standard neck rug, but you can buy the Combi Neck to turn this rug into a full neck one. 

Colours Navy

Sizes 5ft to 7ft 2in

Price £176 *

For stockists

Thermo Master turnout rug

Thermo master

A super strong rug with a 1200 denier waterproof outer. The 100g filling adds just the right amount of warmth and reinforced gussets ensure your horse can move freely and to prevent any rubbing. A generously sized tail flap provides additional protection from the elements.

Colours Cobalt blue, emerald

Sizes 5ft 6in to 7ft 6in

Price £84.90*

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Fouganza All Weather 200


A standard neck rug made from a waterproof and breathable 600 denier diamond rip-stop outer material and a 200g filling. It also has shoulder gussets for increased comfort. A great rug for cool winter days. 

Colour Black

Sizes 5ft 9in to 7ft 3in

Price £44.99*

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* Prices correct at time of publishing

Magic Tack gloves

Magic tack gloves

These smart gloves from Haukeschmidt are made from a high-tech, breathable, durable PU material that has a high Lycra content to give you a close, comfortable fit. They also offer great feel and grip on the reins so you'll hardly notice you're wearing the gloves, allowing you to concentrate on your riding whether you're competing or riding at home. 

What makes these gloves quite different is the switch-able bling patches on the back of the glove, so you can create your own individual look. You'll not only look great, you'll shine in the arena!

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Memory foam tendon and fetlock boots

Elico boots

If you're on the hunt for a great looking set of tendon and fetlock boots that mould to the shape of your horse's legs look no further than the Elico Memory Foam tendon and fetlock boots. 

The soft lining conforms to the shape of your horse's legs so he stays comfortable and you get the best possible fit too. 

Both pairs of boots have a toughened outer shell to provide protection from knocks and bumps. 

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Dengie Alfa-A Oil displays the new BETA feed mark

Dengie Alfa-A oil EGUS

This popular feed from Dengie now displays the new BETA feed mark for equines prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

When you read recent research which highlights that up to 59% of leisure horses suffer from Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) it makes you realise that this condition can effect all horses not just those in hard work.

While there are many possible causes, high concentrate diets and intense exercise have been identified as the trigger in many equines. Feeding more fibre, in particular alfalfa, and reducing cereal based feeds can help and as a general rule your horse's starch intake should be less than 2g per KG of bodyweight per day to reduce the risk of ulcers.

Dengie Alfa-A Oil is suitable for horses in moderate to hard work helping to improve stamina and condition. Fibre diets are also much healthier for your horse as they're more sympathetic to his digestive system and provide slow release energy. Alfa-A Oil is high in calories and when fed at the recommended quantities it has a comparable energy level to a competition/conditioning mix or cube but with, on average, 10-times less starch.

If you think your horse could be suffering from EGUS, as with all equine health issues, Dengie recommend that you consult your vet.



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Equipel - rainproof all your kit


This new range of rain-proofing products will make soggy saddles a thing of the past, and your precious competition wear can be protected too. 

It works by creating a rough surface that's not visible to the naked eye, which repels liquids. The clever substance causes liquid molecules to roll off the fabric or leather it's been applied to. It will provide protection for up to 24 hours, and simply washes out after use. 

In the range there's fabric and leather spray, a leather cleaner and a leather balm. All are quick and easy to apply and are sure to be a must-have item in your tack room to copy with our unpredictable weather. 

Find out more about this new range at

Timothy Foxx scarf

Timothy Foxx scarf

With daylight hours in short supply at this time of the year, what better way to brighten up your day and your winter wardrobe with this tweed and vintage inspired floral print scarf from tweed fashion designers Timothy Foxx.

The Bubblegum Tweed Scarf is made from a soft lightweight Scottish tweed on a moss green base with a stunning pink and turquoise plaid. To finish the look off, the scarf is lined with a pretty pink floral and white cotton fabric.

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Equetech Over Rider Trousers

Equetech Over Rider trousers

Winter with horses is never easy but winter with horses and getting wet is even more miserable!

The Equetech Unisex Over Rider Trousers could be just what you're looking for to help you stay clean, dry and warm. They are a must for all those messy, wet and mucky yard chores you have to do. Once you've worn these over trousers you'll wonder how you ever coped without them.  

For ease of use they have an outer zip on each leg from cuff to knee and the adjustable elasticated high-back panel waistband make them comfortable to wear. These lightweight over trousers are sure to become your new best friend this winter. 

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Coopers Gut Support

Coopers Gut support

The winter months can be challenging to older horses. Colder and changeable weather means less nutrients are avaialble in the grass. Combine this with the fact that your older horses may find it difficult to digest their feed effectively and this could mean he'll struggle to maintain condition. 

Feeding a supplement, such as Coopers Gut Support will help the healthy bacteria in the hind gut working properly so they can improve digestion and help maintain body condition.

The Coopers Gut Range contains a mixture of prebiotics and postbiotics, which can assist beneficial bacteria and aid normal gut function.

Coopers Gut Support is a pellet that you can mix in with your horse's feed or it can be fed alone.  It's also naturally rich in free amino acids and amino acid derivatives which help maintain optimum condition. 

There are two other products in the Coopers Gut Range. Coopers Gut Equalise is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral paste to help maintain digestive function in foals and adult horses during times of stress or digestive imbalance, and Coopers Gut Assist is a prebiotic and postbiotic oral powder for horses, enriched with smectite for use during periods of digestive disturbance.

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Four of the best hoods

A great choice to help keep your horse clean or use as an extra layer when it's really cold - here's our pick of our favourite four.

Horszjamz hood

Horzejamz Fleece Hood

This fleece hood will help to keep your horse warm and will wick away sweat. It comes in a range of shiny fabrics for the ear and most section so you can add some colour to his wardrobe.  A clever four-loop bib system holds the hood in place and keeps your horse comfortable too. 

Price £49.99*

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Shires hood

Shires stretch hood with full face

A hood with a good amount of stretch, this is a great choice if you want to ensure your horses plaits stay in place on the day of a competition. It's made from a multi-way stretch nylon fabric, with shaping on the head and face for comfort. The zip fastening make it quick and easy to fit and a belly strap and girth tab hold the hood in place so there's no rubbing. 

Price £39.99*

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Snuggy hoods

Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood

Designed for turnout, this durable hood will help to keep your horse clean and protect him from the elements. Made from a water repellent and breathable material with a shoulder lining for comfort, plus a self-fixing surcingle. You can chose from a pull-on style, or with a full zip on the underside of the neck to under the chin which can make putting the hood on and off quick and easy. 

Price From £85*

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Ekkia neck protector

Ekkia Neck Protector

This polar fleece full-length neck protector adds a layer of warmth for your horse. It's lined with nylon to help keep you horse clean and prevent rubbing. Around the poll is elasticated which stops it slipping down his neck. This option is a good choice if your horse doesn't like his fact covering with a full hood. 

Price £18.90*

* All prices correct at the time of publishing. 

Winter Health Mash from Dodson & Horrell

Just in time for the winter months, Dodson & Horrell has launch its Winter Health Mash - a unique and modern take on a bran mash. this warming herbal mash will help support your horse's immune and digestive system, whatever his age and condition. 

It contains a number of ingredients to stimulate his appetite, including carrots, and can also be used to help disguise the taste of supplements and medicines. 

Add warm water to create a warming mash

Add warm water to create a warming mash

As well as containing bran, Winter Health Mash all contains a number of herbs, including mint and fennel. Both of these herbs are well known for their ability to help keep your horse's digestive system happy and working efficiently, which is especially important over the winter months when the quality of grass is lower and his main source of fibre comes from dried forage, such as hay. There's also the addition of echinacea, which is known to support and boost your horse's immune system. 

Simply soak the mash with hot or cold water and leave it to soak for 10 minutes before feeding. Thanks to those lovely herbs your horse will tuck in, and it will warm him up from the inside. It's also a great way to increase your horse's fluid intake and ensure he stays hydrated. 

Added oil will give your horse's coat some shine, and you don't need to worry about the calcium and phosphorus ratio that's traditionally associated with feeding bran as it's all been balanced for you. 

Winter Health Mash is designed to be fed as an addition to your horse's usual diet and tin's a complete feed - so your horse will still need to receive his daily dose of vitamins and minerals. 

Watch our short video below about this new feed.