Improve trust between horse and rider

Trust is the fundamental foundation that every horse and rider needs in place before they can progress and build on their training. A crucial element of building trust is getting your horse to feel safe with you and listen to what you are asking. 
These exercises are all about getting your horse listening and responding to your aids. He needs to trust you enough to listen to you even when he feels in danger. Horses are flight animals and we need to be able to control this and make them feel safe.

In this video, our expert David Deptford, who has a wealth of experience in training horses, shares four simple exercises that everyone can achieve.


Exercise 1:

The first exercise focuses on flexing your horses head left and right - This exercise helps your horse to feel safe with you and trust your hands




Exercise 2:

The second exercise is collect and release - This exercise also helps your horse to trust your hands and listen to your leg




Exercise 3:

Next up is getting your horse to move away from your leg - This exercise teaches him to give to pressure and learn to trust your leg




Exercise 4:

Finally the fourth exercise is about a change of direction – This movement teaches your horse to move off your leg in different directions