Alsion Short helps you understand bend and flexion

Alsion Short helps you understand bend and flexion

Training Academy 2015: Bend and flexion

By Allison Lowther

General news

23 September 2015 09:48

Welcome to the Your Horse Training Academy online.

In month four of our Training Academy series, dressage trainer and judge Alison Short help you understand bend and flexion. (PLEASE NOTE: If you've arrived at this page looking for a video of Jenny Rolfe please click here to be redirected).

Alison explains what each of these commonly used terms mean and how to achieve and when you need them in your schooling. She also shares with you some easy to follow exercises you can incorporate into your own schooling sessions to improve your horse's suppleness and obedience to your aids.

Click on the two video below to watch two of Alison's exercises to help you improve your horse's bend and flexion.  

Work on understanding what true bend is and how to achieve it.


Riding a three loop serpentine is a great exercise for supplying your horse, but also coordinating your aids for bending