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Toytown to make an appearance at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials

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Georgie, 01 September 2015 16:13

Zara Phillips and Toytown, who were crowned European eventing champions at Blenheim Palace in 2005, are returning to the scene of their great victory this autumn. Toytown, who carried Zara to triumph in the World Equestrian Games the year following their European Championship win, is heading the Parade of Champions at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials – part of the ...


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BSJA to Dressage

I am the proud owner of a horse which is a Belgian Warmblood Mare 16.2h who is a BSA Grade B but I found was a very difficult headstrong character also very clever, but I saw how she played me up when I tried to catch her with her showing off doing flying changes. I was lucky enough to team up with a lady who is also a Dressage Judge and found my horse very willing in fact sometimes too much, but we entered her into Novice and Intermediate and came 2nd in both. She is such a lovely character now ...



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Manuka Honey 12+

Found Manuka Honey 12+ to be fantastic stuff, worked on my horses and others with the stipulation that the people borrowing my pot don't use it on toast as its too expensive for that duty. I went to a lecture given by a leading Professor from Liverpool Vet Hospital who swears by the stuff, also it now appears some NHS dressings contain Manuka Honey. Unfortunately my one horse had a girth gall  and I used Manuka Honey on this and you could not see where it had been more quickly than another horse which had not been treated with the honey, after this its ...

  • 01 September 2015 10:02 | kevinhiatt
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Now I don't know about this too much, but when a male horse is identified as a RIG and serving all the mares, the owners in denial that their Horse is a rig, the problem reported to the YO who was less than interested until one of her Mares was hurt in a fight with another Mare over the Male horse. The big question is who is responsible for any outcome if any of our Mares have foals, vet bills and so on. The animal in question had 14 mares to choose from, the Geldings especially the one disliked this male horse and tried ...

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