Dressage competition at Pinnerwood Farm 25th of October

By Jessica Gill

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30 September 2010 17:27

Lisa Bluett rode Byron to a double victory at the Pinnerwood Riding Club Dressage Show on the 25th of September. Lisa, who has only been riding Byron a few months, gained a brilliant 79% in the Intro B test and an equally excellent 72% in Riding Test 12. Lisa was thrilled with her results and said “it’s great to have these events at home, at Pinnerwood Stud. It is a great starter for the kids (and the adults!) to see what competitions are all about without being too scary!” Lisa also highlighted the convenience of these shows at home for those who don’t have easy access to transport.

Lisa and Byron also came 3rd in Prelim 14, following Pennie Wickstead, riding Ned. Pennie and Ned took part in the competition last year, and judge, Jackie Barker remarked specifically on the improvement of this particular combination. The winner of the Prelim 14 class was Sarah Bird and Bob with a dazzling 80% score.

 Jackie Barker, judge of the competition, believed she could “see a big improvement in the riders since last year’s show.” Jackie claimed that “by and large it is a very interesting competition to judge because of the diversity of competitors and it’s very enjoyable.” Jackie also remarked on the diversity of the highest scoring horses, from Arabs to Cobs, Warmbloods to Connemaras.



Prelim14 - 1st-Sarah Bird and Bob-80%, 2nd- Pennie Wickstead and Ned-76%, 3rd-Lisa Bluett and Byron-74%, 4th-Jessica Gill and Lord Darcy-70%, 5th- KP and Rufus-70%, 6th-Joules Wickstead and Buddy-69%.

Riding Test 12-1st Lisa Bluett and Byron-72%, 2nd-Jessica Gill and Lord Darcy-72%, 3rd KP and Rufus-68%.

Intro B- 1st-Lisa Bluett and Byron-79%, 2nd-Tracey Bourne and Burt-60%, 3rd-Chloe Abrahams and Muppet-56%, 4th-Ros Hartley and Zara-53%