Making drivers aware of horses on the roads!!!

By Jodie

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19 September 2011 11:24

My name's Jodie, I am 18 years old and would like to warn road users to be more carful and slow down for horses.

I owned a 13.2 new forest and we was riding through wortley park, sheffield. when we got hit by a 4x4! He knocked my pony over on his side and I came off. I was in shock and very upset! My pony Nipper got up and ran off very lame heading home. I tried to catch him but he was in so much shock it was hard.

After some time I managed to catch him and lead him home. Nipper kept stopping every so often due to all the pain he was in. I got him back home and called the vet who arranged for him to go for a x-ray about a week later.

The x-ray showed he would need a £3000 opperation so Nipper went up to rainbow equine hospital in moltan. He had his first opperation but didnt show any signs that it was working so they decided to operate on him a second time, putting pins and plates in his back leg.

Nipper didnt seem to get any better at all and there was no improvement so in the end I had to have him put down. I wasnt bothered about riding him again I would have been more than happy to bring him home and keep him as a pet but this couldn't happen. It broke my heart to do it but it was the only thing. 

I had owned Nipper for nearly 4 years and he was only 11years old.

Really I just want people to read this and see what me and my pony has had to go through. I hope that people driving on the road reads this and makes them aware that horses are ridden on the road so SLOW DOWN!!

Jodie, South Yorkshire