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A wonderful mare and her "surprise"

By soniadevereux

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23 November 2011 22:05

I saw an ad that said "horse to loan wvtb" - that was the total wording in the ad. It was local to me so I replied to get more info.

The owner said that she was scared of Roobee and that she wanted a good home for her. As she was so close I offered to go and see Roobee and see if I could help the owner regain some confidence rather than sell her horse - well Roobee had different ideas!

After our first meeting Roobee was stuck to me like glue. After working with Roobee for a couple of weeks I said I would take her on loan for 2 months to see how things go. As Roobee was a broodmare for 4 years I did ask if she was pregnant. I was told no.

I moved this lovely Appaloosa x mare to my yard and started to do a bit of work with her. After 2 weeks I had to nurse her through impaction colic. I had stabled her ovenight and she decided that my straw was rather yummy and ate loads of it without drinking water. I called the vet out who did a rectal examination and gave her pain killers.

Roobee was brilliant. I sat all night with her, walking her every 45 minutes on the coldest night of the year, even the sandschool froze! She was ok by 6 am the following morning, but I realised that I didnt want anything bad to happen to Roobee so I decided to buy her.

On January 1st 2011 I bought Mannog Roobee Tuesday. I was so pleased! I walked her in hand and did some lunging work with her. I did finally get on her back - I was the first person to do this for nearly 5 years. After a few weeks of slow and steady handling and work we were hacking out alone and in company at walk only.

One day it took me an hour to get on board and I knew something was really wrong, so I gave her a week off. I turned her out but noticed I had to let her turnout rug out by 4 inches on the belly straps!  A couple of weeks later I noticed she was oval and looking more in foal. She started to "bag up". I got the vet out Maundy Thursday to do blood tests but becuase it was Easter it took 2 weeks to get them back.

On Thursday 5th May 2011 I was told she was definately in foal and on Friday 6th May at 8.10am a strapping colt foal was born. My husband and I were both present at the birth. I was a complete mess -I cried when I knew he was alive and I really bawled when he had his first suckle and pooed.

Roobee has been a great mum and JJ (short for Jumping Jack Flash) has taken after his mum. He takes everythning in his stride and is a very handsome foal.

He is now 6 months old and is growing and filling out nicely. I have heard that a piebald trakhener stallion "covered" Roobee but no-one knows how!

JJ has been passported, microchipped, vetted and castrated. He has had his feet trimmed, rugs on, leading really well and now is tied up when groomed, rugging up and feeding.

I have never handled a pregnant mare or a foal, but Roobee and JJ have "shown" me how to do this. I am proud of what I have acheived with their help and that Roobee trusted me enough to look after her and eventually take care of her foal.

Roobee is a very special mare to me and JJ is going to go to my daughter in law (sort of) when he is weaned. She will have a lovely horse with a great temperament who loves people.

I want to thank Roobee for trusting me and having faith in me to do what is right.