Despite the rain people still supported the teams as they played

Despite the rain people still supported the teams as they played

Rain stops play...again!

By Imogen Johnson

YH Blogs

09 July 2012 10:28

People often say all us Brits talk about is the weather but to be fair – what else is there to talk about at the moment!

Events are being cancelled left, right and centre because of it, which is equally frustrating for the people competing, watching and for those putting the events together.

Despite willing the sun to shine throughout the three-hour drive to Dorset it was rain, rain, rain at the Asahi British Beach Polo Championships last week.

I’d been looking forward to this event for a long time and had visions of a sunny day out on the beach watching some of the best polo Britain has to offer but (while the polo was still great) the weather was a total let down.

I felt terrible for the organisers who’d clearly worked very hard to make the event a success but there was really very little they could do when the weather had decided to be so cruel - hats of to them for soldiering on!

The majority of us watched from beneath our umbrellas or peeping out through the marquis windows but even though the weather was utterly fowl the crowd got behind the teams and into the spirit of things.

If anyone else was there I hope you had a brilliant, albeit damp, time and we will all have to keep our fingers crossed for sunshine next year.

If your event was rained off this weekend let us know at and we call all have a good moan about – after all, that’s what us Brits do best!