Outside Bet

By Larissa Chapman

General news

23 May 2012 15:30

Your Horse spoke to actor Calum MacNab about his role in the new film, Outside Bet. The film stars British greats such as Bob Hoskins and Jenny Agutter and tells the story of a group of print workers who are made redundant and put all their redundancy pay into buying a race horse, The Mumper.

Have you had much experience with horses before?

Yes I've had quite a lot of experience with horses - my uncle used to have stables in Portugal and when I was younger I used to lead treks through the mountains with him - I loved it! I was really looking forward to working with horses on set. Rocky (the horse who played the part of The Mumper) was great, I really wanted to ride him but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed.

Are you a racing fan or are you into any other equestrian sports?

I’m into all sports really, I do like racing but I prefer the flat racing as opposed to the jumping.

Why do you think that racing captures the hearts and minds of the nation?

I think it brings everyone together and it’s definitely a challenge deciding which horse to put a bet on. It’s such an exciting sport and for many people, racing is the only time they get to see these beautiful, magnificent and powerful creatures up close.

How was it working with the horses on set?

It was great, the main horse, Rocky, was fantastic - he was so well trained and well behaved and the whole cast had been briefed by an experienced team about how to act around him and the other horses used for the racing scenes. At times the set was really busy, there can be over 50 people helping behind the scenes at any one time so with a horse on set it needed to be as organised as possible. It sort of reminded me of fight scenes I’ve been a part of in other films, in the sense that everything had to be well controlled.

What’s your take on the film?

I think the film is a story of great hope; it follows characters who are going through a tough time but hope to turn their life around through this horse. I think it features normal people which should make it easy for everyone to relate to.