Grab a pair of Equilibrium Tri-Zone Airlite Allsport boots when you subscribe to Your Horse

By Julie Brown

General news

30 May 2012 11:53

We've got a fantastic gift lined up for all of our new subscribers this month, a pair of Equilibrium Tri-Zone Airlite Allsport boots, worth around £42 PLUS a voucher for 50% off your second pair.

Your Horse editor, Julie Brown, has been using these boots for the past five months so we found out what she thinks to our new gift...

"I’ve used these boots for schooling nearly every day since I got them and I rate them highly. I like the fact that they are light and breathable yet robust enough for me to feel confident that Bo’s legs are well protected.

They are easy to put on and stay in place even during intense lessons. I do find that the Velcro fastening down the side is a bit long so the bottom of it flaps around a little but it doesn’t detract from how good these boots are.

On the inside there are a number of raised padded ovals for comfort, shock absorption and to stop the legs from overheating – Bo’s legs are always still cool when I take off the boots.

For further protection there is a strike pad at the back, which covers all the vital structures.

Although I don’t jump, I would be more than happy to use these boots if I did. The shape of the front of the boot gives plenty of freedom to the fetlock so movement is not hampered in any way.

These boots look smart and come in white, black or brown. I’d be happy to use them in the warn-up at dressage competitions as they look the part and are easy to whip off – great for when you’re in a bit of a fluster."

Used by YH editor Julie Brown for five months

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