The YH team with the Learning to Listen crew!

The YH team with the Learning to Listen crew!

Equine Assisted Team Building - our verdict...

By Imogen Johnson

10 April 2012 16:30

You’ve seen how we got on during our Equine Assisted Team Building day with Sarah Kreutzer of Learning to Listen in Your Horse issue 360 – now find out what we each thought about the experience and what we learnt from working with Sarah’s horses Black Jack and Livvy.

YH editor Julie Brown
I never thought it could be so difficult trying to communicate with a horse on his terms. It made me wonder what my poor horse Bo must think of me as I turn up at the yard early in the morning, flustered and rushing around like a loon. There were lots of interesting learnings and concepts to get to grips with and all in all it was a particularly eye opening experience. The horses were lovely too!

YH writer Larissa Chapman
I was amazed at how wrong it went when we tried rounding Black Jack up at the end but then how right it went once we got together as a team and analysed where our communication was going wrong. It was an eye opening, challenging and fun day. Great food too!

YH editorial assistant Emily Laughton
I’m normally quite sceptical about this sort of thing but I really enjoyed it. My favourite bit was working with Black Jack in the field, we had to completely work as a team and that little pony highlighted some useful things.

YH writer Katy Islip
It was so interesting handling a loose horse on his terms, rather than being in charge as you’d usually be. I thought the tasks were great fun and really enjoyed seeing how our team worked and learned together.

YH deputy editor Imogen Johnson
It’s amazing what you can learn from a horse’s reaction to you if you just slow down and pay attention. Quite often we’re so busy and our minds are so occupied with this, that and the other that we fail to notice what our horses are trying to tell us. Everything I’ve learnt when working with horses under Sarah’s guidance has made me evaluate, and in some cases alter, the way I behave and the way I think. The team-building programme was great for us and I’d highly recommend it – go with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.

YH art editor Caroline Barley
The day opened my eyes to the subtle differences between the characters of each member of our team. I came away with a better understanding of why I deal with situations (both good and bad) all from working with a horse!

YH gear editor Allison Lowther
I was really surprised at the difference from the start of the day – as a team we were working together more and thinking about how we interact with each other. The horses were great at showing us when we were doing the exercises right and of course highlighting when we weren’t doing quite so well!

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