BBC F1 star adds horsepower to the launch of ‘Rehome a Horse’ month

By Larissa Chapman

General news

02 March 2012 15:50

BBC Formula 1 Reporter Lee McKenzie has World Horse Welfare under starters orders as she launches this year’s Rehome a Horse month. 

The charity is appealing to members of the public to consider rehoming one of their horses as four of the UK Rescue and Rehoming Centres are full to bursting point which means they’re struggling to find space for horses which desperately need help.

World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive Tony Tyler said: “We need to rehome some of our current residents as soon as possible as we are getting dangerously near to full capacity.  Part of the reason for this has been our 16 Field Officers are more frequently dealing with cases involving large groups of horses.  We have already taken in 43 horses into our farms this year but there are so many horses in need of our help that realistically we are reaching a position where we may have to consider turning some away.” 

Across the UK horses have been suffering as horse owners find themselves under pressure from the economic downturn, rising costs of feed and the depressed market for horse sales. 

World Horse Welfare are constantly relying on the help of other charities to deal with multiple cases and most of these are also full to bursting point.  Tony Tyler goes on to say: “We would obviously try and take as many horses needing our help as possible into the centres but at the moment we are so full that we cannot always help all the horses that we would like to.  We’re seeing an increasing demand to rescue more horses which is due to several factors including the economic climate.”

During their Rehome a Horse month in March World Horse Welfare is urgently appealing to potential rehomers who believe they could offer a home to one of their rescue horses or ponies which are ready to be rehomed.  Lee McKenzie says: “I’m proud to support World Horse Welfare’s Rehome a Horse month.  Many of you wouldn’t think twice about rehoming a cat or a dog, and you can do the same for horses.  Taking on one of these lovely animals means you’re not only helping them, but you’re also helping other horses as it creates more space at the charity’s farms which means they in turn can take on neglected, abused welfare cases.”

Lee goes on to explain why she supports World Horse Welfare: “I would really urge people to get involved with World Horse Welfare.  I’ve had horses all my life and naively I thought that welfare cases only happened abroad and not on our own shores so it was a big shock to me.  The more I know about the charity the more I enjoy it and the more I think they do fantastic work.  Anyone should come along, take a look, and even take a horse home with them.  It would just make such a huge, huge difference to other horses who are waiting to come into the charity’s farms.”

There are many benefits of rehoming one of our horses compared to buying, which include: -

·         You know exactly what you are getting - all of our horses are fully MOT’s and come with health records, microchip and passport.  You also get a frank and fair assessment of the ability and temperament of the horse.

·         Rehoming one horse helps another – When you take in a rescue horse, you help other horses by making space at our Rescue and Rehoming Centres.

·         Feel-good factor of transforming the life of a horse – rehoming one of our horses is an immensely rewarding experience.

·         Our horses come with a safety net – We rehome a horse for life but in uncertain times it is reassuring to know that you can return the horse to us if your circumstances change or if your child outgrows it.

·         A lifetime of advice and support – When you rehome one of our horses you have the full breadth of our 85 years of horse experience at your disposal.


Watch the video:

All of the horses and ponies available for rehoming can be viewed on the World Horse Welfare website at