Newmarket to host UK v USA polocrosse test match

By Imogen Johnson

General news

10 July 2012 14:00

This August you could be sitting on the sidelines of an exciting international polocrosse test match in Newmarket for the small cost of £10 for a day-long parking spot.

Polocrosse, best described as lacrosse on horseback, is one of the fastest paced and most visually exciting equestrian sports there is. Your Horse is delighted to be supporting the upcoming test matches between the UK and USA which will be an eye-watering feast of skill and speed from the horses and their riders and the two teams battle to win.

Alongside the test match will run a UK Polocrosse Association club tournament - the Polocrosse Extreme Cup, which will feature all the UK’s top club sides. There will also be a bar and refreshment stand on site and a mini children’s fun fair to keep everyone entertained.

Polocrosse is a reasonably simple game to follow; teams try and gain possession of the ball and shoot it between their opponent goal posts (which are just eight foot wide) in order to score.

Teams consists of six players but only three go onto the field at any one time and the players swap over every six minutes, allowing themselves and their horses a chance to rest, making it a one horse sport. There are three different areas on the field and players have to pass or bounce the ball between the areas while moving at high speed.

The horses twist and turn at high speed as they try and create space for their riders to shoot at goal and the players demonstrate amazing reflexes and skills as they pick up and pass the ball around between their team mates.

The event is taking place at the Dullingham Polo Grounds and is being hosted by the Granary Estates. The only charge for spectators is a parking fee of £10 per car. The test matches will take place daily at approximately 1pm while the polocrosse tournament runs all day from about 9 am to 5 pm. For more information on the event go to