Safety video helps cyclists and horses get along

By Katy Islip

General news

07 June 2012 10:52

Cyclists are being shown how to pass horse riders as safely as possible thanks to a funky video put together by the Forestry Commission Wales in association with the British Horse Society.

The two-minute reel, called Respect: Share the Trail, shows mountain bikers the dangers of riding without consideration for horses, and encourages cyclists to stop, stand and speak whenever they meet horse riders.

Dave Liddy, visitor management advisor for Forestry Commission Wales, said: "As a responsible land manager, we want to raise the awareness of mountain bikers using our trails, but the message is just as applicable anywhere in the countryside.

"It’s been great to deal with The British Horse Society on this issue and sense the shared passion for the countryside that they have with mountain bikers."

Cyclists and horse riders regularly come into contact as both are legally allowed to use public bridleways, byways and unclassified public roads, and horse riders are also allowed to use most of the Forestry Commission’s woodlands.

“The potential for conflict is obvious. The ‘Stop, Stand, Speak’ message really ought to be at the forefront of any cyclist’s mind,” said Dave.

BHS director of access safety and welfare, Mark Weston, added: “We were pleased to work with Forestry Commission Wales on this project which promotes cooperation between bikers and riders. Consideration on both sides will make everyone’s access to the forests safer and more enjoyable.”