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Veteran Horse Welfare loses two stars

By Sian Lovatt

General news

30 June 2010 16:00

Two horses at the Veteran Horse Welfare (VHW) have died within days of each other, leaving staff and supporters devastated.

Timmy, who was given to Julianne Aston, owner of the VHW, soon became her son’s riding pony and was chosen for the VHW pony of the year award in 2009. Sadly Timmy suffered greatly with Cushings, arthritis and laminitis but never showed signs of struggling until the fatal day. On June 15 his body stopped fighting and he sadly passed away. 

Simon, a coloured gelding, arrived at the charity almost untouchable and greatly misunderstood. However, with a great deal of hard work, love and care Julianne and Simon formed a special bond. He took Julianne to the top in the veteran horse world winning many championships, eventually being named ‘Veteran of the Year’.
“I am totally shattered by what has happened to Timmy and Simon. To loose them both within 48 hours of each other is just, well I have no words that can say how I feel.” said Julianne.

“They both came to me within days of each other and that’s how they left me, this can’t be a coincidence, there is more to them than that of medical terms. I know at least they are together and was with me until their end. I miss them both terribly.”

The loss of one horse is hard enough, but to go through it twice in one week is unimaginable. The team at Your Horse is very sad to hear of Julianne’s loss. As the pictures show, Simon and Timmy were both special ponies.

For more information on the Veteran Horse Society visit: www.veteran-horse-welfare.co.uk/home.htm

Photo: Simon putting on a great show and Timmy relaxing at home.