British Novice Championship update

By Imogen Johnson

General news

26 July 2012 09:17

British Novice Championships entrants have been given the opportunity to compete by British Eventing (BE) despite not making it to finals due to event cancellations.

Following a great deal of work and contemplation from the British Eventing Sport Committee and the BE Sport Department, a solution to the issues facing many Members’ Novice Championship qualifications has now been reached.

Due to the sad loss of numerous Dodson and Horrell Novice Regional Finals (NRF) and the Festival of British Eventing, the following amendments have been agreed for the 2012/2013 Dodson and Horrell Novice Championships:

1.    All of those that entered the 2012 British Novice Championships will be able to enter the 2013 Championships directly.

2.    Any horse that had qualified for a 2012 NRF, but had not been able to compete (or had not competed) in a NRF will be permitted to enter an NRF in 2013 to qualify for the 2013 Champs.  Additional NRF classes may be added in 2013 to ensure sufficient qualification opportunities are available. 

If a horse had gained three NRF qualification opportunities, all three would still stand.

3.    Any horse that entered and ran in an NRF in 2012 but did not qualify for the 2012 Champs have already used their opportunity to qualify for 2013.

4.    If a horse from the 2012 Novice Championships qualifies for a higher level Championship (Intermediate or Open) they will not be eligible to enter the Novice Championship

 British Eventing Chief Executive Mike Etherington-Smith said: “We appreciate our Members’ patience whilst we were considering all available options following the unfortunate abandonment of this year’s Festival.  The solutions we have come up with will provide the fairest and easiest way of managing the Novice Championships in 2013.
I would also like to express our sincere thanks to Dodson and Horrell for their continued support of the NRF series and the Novice Championships.”

The Organisers of the 2013 Festival of British Eventing have kindly agreed to accommodate the increased amount of entries at Gatcombe next summer.
Individual owners and rider of horses eligible for the Novice Championships will be contacted in the near future with further details.

For further information regarding Dodson and Horrell, the sponsors of the British Novice Regional Finals and the British Novice Championships, please visit