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Haggis and Chloe will be leading the sponsored walk. Pic: World Horse Welfare Haggis and Chloe will be leading the sponsored walk. Pic: World Horse Welfare
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Join Haggis the Shetland for a sponsored walk for World Horse Welfare

By Katy Islip

General news

18 July 2012 10:00

A Shetland pony rescued from terrible neglect will be keeping the pounds off by leading a sponsored walk to raise money for the charity that saved him.

Haggis the miniature Shetland was rescued in July 2010 by World Horse Welfare (WHW) after he was found hugely overweight, lame and with terribly overgrown feet on 60 acres in Aberdeenshire.

Following his rehabilitation Haggis, now seven, was rehomed with Chloe McCutcheon, who organised the Scottish walk and hopes it will highlight the importance of weight management, especially in ponies like Haggis who are at higher risk of developing laminitis.

She says: “Unfortunately, like all Shetland ponies, Haggis does like his food and for that reason he has to ‘move more’ especially as Shetlands are a high risk category for laminitis. So I decided we are going to ‘move more’ to raise funds for World Horse Welfare and hopefully encourage other ponies to join us and burn some calories.”

The walk is taking place from 12noon on Saturday, August 4, and will see ponies led in hand to Shooting Green, near Finzean, Banchory, with a stop for a picnic lunch half-way round.

Chloe says: “The walk will be hard work as it’s uphill some of the way, but it will all be worth it as we will be able to see the picturesque River Dee and the forest pines. I think Haggis will be very excited about the change of scenery.”

When Haggis was rescued and brought to WHW’s Belwade Farm, in Aboyne, his feet were so overgrown they were shaped like rockers, preventing him from standing still, and staff described them as some of the worst they’d ever seen. Last month the pony’s owner was banned for life from keeping horses.

Since his rescue and rehoming with Chloe, Haggis has lost a lot of weight and hasn’t had another attack of laminitis since.

To sponsor Haggis, or even join him for the walk, contact Chloe by emailing chloe_nobother@yahoo.co.uk or calling 07798 898400.