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By Your Horse

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17 August 2011 10:36

This month we are offering a Charles Bentley Grooming Kit when you subscribe to Your Horse Magazine.

This kit is worth £33 and includes a dandy brush, body brush, flick brush, mane comb, mane and tail brush, sweat scraper, face brush and hoof pick.  Plus, it comes in a Deluxe Grooming Bag which has a draw string inner & waterproof lining, extra pockets and flap over cover with mobile phone holder.

We tested the product to give you more info: 

“The brushes are really good quality and you can tell they will last. The dandy brush, body brush and flick brush are great on our horse’s thick coats and you can get all the dirt and sand out without much effort. Some of our horse's have really thick manes and tails and very few brushes are able to get all the knots out - the Bentley brushes slid through their tails easily. 

The face brush is really soft and great for getting all the excess dinner off our horse's noses. The grooming bag is great for storing the kit and is easy to carry around thanks to the handy shoulder strap!”

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