Sad fate for Capped for Victory

By Imogen Johnson

General news

02 July 2009 10:30

In issue 320 the Your Horse news report ‘Fit, Healthy and Being Slaughtered’ struck a chord with many of our readers. Most were shocked and saddened to see undercover photos of horse slaughter, but the majority of you (like us) felt it was an issue that needed to be shared with the world.

In the news report we also featured a photo of an eight-year-old race horse called ‘Capped for Victory’, who received ‘no bid’ at the Doncaster January horse sales. Our photo caption stated ‘After failing to attract a bid at the sales Capped for Victory is just one of the horses facing an unknown future.’ Many of our readers were concerned and wanted to know what had happened to him.

Dene Stansall, Horse Racing Consultant for Animal Aid who attended the sales, and took the photograph, eventually traced Capped for Victory, who was given to a racing stable for free after the sales. The stable ran him just once in a selling race (a race in which all horses are for sale) but he only finished 10th out of 12 runners. No one was interested in buying him. 

After the selling race Dene called the stables worried about the Capped for Victory. He told the trainer he could offer the horse a home, only to find that he was already dead.

“Capped for Victory was a beautiful, gentle horse, and his fate is typical for thousands of race horses, who can’t or can no longer bring home the winnings - they are soon cast out,” says Dene.
“There’s a culture of apathy to the fate of race horses by many people within the industry. They’re easily and cheaply replaced. Each year thousands are bred, half of whom will never race, and they too can soon end up on the same path as Capped for Victory. I regret not buying him at the Doncaster sales,” he says.

Animal Aid is vigorously pursuing this issue and has the support of one hundred MPs who have signed a Parliamentary Early Day Motion wanting to see the racing/breeding industry made accountable and responsible.

Capped for Victory (USA)
Sire: Red Ransom - Dam: Nazoo - Dam Sire: Nijinsky
Capped for Victory was born 14 May 2001 at the prestigious Gainsborough Farm, Kentucky, USA. He was passed on to four different training yards and raced 17 times but never won. He died in April 2009 aged 8 years.

* Animal Aid is primarily a political and public campaign group and is not directly involved in re-homing horses because it has no holding facilities. However it is something it finds it's required to help with. The team at Animal Aid is in contact with re-homing centres so can help.

Anyone wanting to contact Animal Aid can get in contact with Dene Stansall on: