UK equestrian inventor files lawsuit against USA manufacturer

By Larissa Chapman

General news

11 January 2012 16:35

The inventor and manufacturer of Jumpstack Bale Covers, Natalie Aldridge, is suing US equestrian distributor English Riding Supply (ERS) for breach of copyright and infringement of trademarks.

The bale cover was developed to provide the horse riding community with a cost effective alternative to purchasing expensive horse jumps and has proved very popular.

ERS, one of the largest equestrian distributor/manufacturers in the US, started selling Jumpstack’s bale covers in 2009, after importing them from Jumpstack’s UK distributor Battle, Hayward and Bower. However, in 2011 ERS substituted their own inferior replica of the product and dropped the original Jumpstack cover.

Entrepreneur and mother of two Natalie Aldridge says: "This action is necessary to protect the investment we have made in developing and marketing this product and to protect our customers. The product is good for customers and has been labelled a so-called recession buster. I want customers to continue getting the best value product possible. Where we have rights protected by law we intend to enforce them against those who choose not to respect them."