One million signature petition proves overwhelming support for shorter journey times for horses transported to slaughter

By Larissa Chapman

General news

06 January 2012 15:50

A petition pushing for a reduction in journey times for live animals transported for slaughter across Europe has now received more than one million signatures, reinforcing World Horse Welfare’s long running transportation campaign.

Overwhelming support for the petition reinforces our own calls for the introduction of a maximum journey limit, which forms an integral part of our campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses across Europe to slaughter or for fattening.  Current EU legislation makes it possible for animals, including horses, to be transported for 24 hours or more without rest, leading to immense suffering.

We back Animals’ Angels latest action and believe that any push for change is a positive move and hope that this will put more pressure on the Commission to re-think the current totally inadequate legislation.  The European Commission’s own scientific experts support the introduction of a finite maximum journey limit for slaughter.  However, despite all the evidence, the Commission have not proposed any changes to the legislation. 

Campaigns Officer at World Horse Welfare Hannah Lynch said: “We were deeply disappointed at the end of last year when we found out that the Commission wouldn’t be adopting our recommendation for a 9-12 hour maximum journey limit.  But the Animal’s Angels petition proves that there are many, many people in different countries who feel strongly towards a change to the current EU legislation.

“We were happy to support the petition which is another call to the Commission that something needs to be done and that a maximum journey limit is needed.  If the current legislation remains unchanged all animals, including horses, will continue to suffer.”

Read more about World Horse Welfare’s campaign and download a copy of the charity’s latest Dossier of Evidence, which outlines the suffering these journeys cause: